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Thanjavur Veenai Works

Madhura Veenai


It was a great deal of experimentation has gone, to alter the shape of Madura Veena. The idea behind this, some of the parts that are made could be dismantled. Not all of them were successful, but few of the Veena has been retaining the original quality of tone and maintain the traditional shape of the instrument. One among them is MadhuraVeena which was made by me.

I tried changes and used fiberglass in the place of jack wood, used violin adjustors instead of the traditional langar. The second resonator was made with fiberglass instead of paper mash. The use of stainless steel frets instead of brass frets was also tried out. A circular hole is made on the top plank below the strings at the plucking point perhaps to enhance the quality of tone. Use of lac instead of wax for fixing the frets was attempted although it has not survived. One of the significant changes was doing away with bee wax and using screws to fix the frets which also turned out quite successful. With the above changes, I made a good quality tone of Veena, which is successful, popular, and trendy.


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